COMMENT: Democracy will prevail

IT'S easy to criticise but harder to actually do the job.

Some criticism has been levelled at the Ipswich City Council lately with allegations of corruption featuring in residents' conversations; I have heard some speaking in defence of the council, others not so much.

Plans for a rally calling for the entire council to be sacked are well under way, with the public demonstration organised for August 4.

Democracy is an interesting creature. When people are at their wit's end, when they are convinced their heads of state or community leaders no longer hold their best interests, they take action.

We see it around the world and we have seen it repeatedly throughout history.

People power is hard to beat. This rally will either be a demonstration of people power, or a demonstration that the voice of few does not represent the many.

If you are someone who is convinced in the merit of this rally, don't expect others to fly the flag for you. Turn up. Make your voice heard.

If you choose not to, or it turns out only a handful or people turn up then please, reconsider the negativity levelled against this council.

Now is the time to make a choice - you either support the council or you don't but don't hurt the community by failing to exercise your democratic right, then complain about it.