Israel Folau is being supported by the Australian Christian Lobby, headed by Martyn Iles.
Israel Folau is being supported by the Australian Christian Lobby, headed by Martyn Iles.

COMMENT: In defence of Israel Folau's crowd funding

Israel Folau has been accused of greed, playing the victim, and being in a conflict of his own making.

All three accusations are false.

(1) There is no "greed"

The money is being deposited straight into a trust account. It cannot be used for anything other than defraying his legal expenses.

Leftover funds will be distributed - likely to a philanthropic cause consistent with the intent of the original donors.

If he was in this for money, he would have taken the millions of $ he was offered to simply delete the post.

Regarding his accumulated assets, he may have to live off those for a long time.

(2) Izzy did not manufacture this situation on purpose.

There was never a contractual or verbal agreement around social media use, despite claims in the media.

The clause of the Code of Conduct invoked against him was the nebulous notion of "bringing the game into disrepute."

His social media content was consistent for some time. Christian, scriptural, themes of repentance etc. The post was business as usual (except the word "homosexual").

(3) Highlighting the injustice of the case, and its importance to basic freedoms, is not playing the victim.

The legal significance of this case is very high. I've said elsewhere that this case is our case if we are Christians, or people who have politically incorrect beliefs.

It is unjust, and it threatens to set a precedent which could bring about the same injustice upon many employees, professionals, and others in the Australian community.

He did no wrong, but he is being punished as a wrongdoer.

That's not "playing the victim" - it's just explaining the situation as it is.

It also addresses an issue at the heart of most religious freedom cases - ie, to what extent is religious expression protected?

Keep it simple - we are talking about freedom for the truth. And if we don't care about that, then I query whether we understand that which lies at the core of the Christian mandate; to proclaim the truths of the gospel to all nations.

As Christians, we are supposed to stand with those of the household of faith who encounter various difficulties and trials.

This has been very hard on Israel for a host of reasons, and the media continue to attack both him and his wife with false information.

Therefore, I am very happy to financially support him:

(1) As a tangible demonstration of support for a fellow Christian;
(2) In recognition of the importance of this case to all of us. His case is my case.