COMMENT: Changing names the Aussie way

IF WE'VE learned anything from the weekend's by-election, it's that Ipswich is ready for change, but with a few familiarities thrown in.

Having campaigned on a platform of accountability and a new direction, the pressure is now on our new mayor to start delivering.

Of course, while the people of Ipswich will be eager to see how this new direction takes shape, it seems we just couldn't go forward without electing another mayor with an Italian surname that people (especially those outside Ipswich) commonly misspell and mispronounce.

Just like his predecessor, Andrew Antoniolli is blessed with one of those many European names to have been Australianised over the generations, resulting in it being pronounced "Antonelli" due to our enduring linguistic laziness.

This has created havoc for radio announcers, TV presenters and even uninitiated members of parliament, and given us a bit of a laugh from time to time.