Why 11 candidates is good news for Tully, Antoniolli

THERE was a question asked at Tuesday's QT election forum that deserves a little attention.

It was around the number of candidates and if they diluted the vote for a new face as mayor by sheer number. If there were fewer of those candidates, particularly if one of them hit a chord with the public, it may have meant a bigger challenge to our incumbent councillors.

While some of the candidates seemed offended by the query, it's just the reality. If you have voters looking for a new face, and you give them fewer options to vote for, the higher the number of votes will go their way. In their quest for change, these candidates may have handed the mayoralty to one of our sitting councillors.

Of course everyone who puts up their hand, invests the time and the money in running and attends events like our forum, deserves some accolades. They all clearly want the best for Ipswich. But that doesn't change the fact those who want to vote for a new face, are faced with a lot people to decide between.