Coles sets example for employers

OPINION: SOCIAL media has a tendency to dig up negativity in the least likely of places, as we have come to realise in our work.

Even a seemingly positive story can attract complaints, often from people with far too much time on their hands as it turns out.

With all this in mind, even I was surprised to hear that some people were complaining about the supermarket giant Coles and its policy to employ a minimum number of Indigenous people as part of a program that has been running almost a decade.

Here we have a huge organisation setting out to do something positive, and in the process exceeding its own expectations.

How long have Australians been crying out for its Indigenous people to take charge of their own future? This seems to be exactly what Coles is asking them to do (see today's page 7 story), albeit by setting aside only a small percentage of its workforce for these roles.

I think before you complain about the Coles policy amounting to discrimination, you need to balance it out with the positives.