Some parts of Ipswich woke to sub-zero temperatures this morning.
Some parts of Ipswich woke to sub-zero temperatures this morning. Rob Williams

Cold snap on cue for winter, some parts of Ipswich sub-zero

Tomorrow marks the start of winter and Mother Nature has duly obliged with a blast of cold weather.

The Bureau of Meteorology's latest outlook shows Ipswich woke to sunny skies this morning, but if you were out early it was far from welcoming.

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The temperature moved into negative territory around 5am, dipping just below 0C with an apparent temperature of -3.4C.

But that was just the start of it. By 6:30am it was down to -1.2C before reaching a low point of -1.3C at 7am.

The mercury started to climb from there and by mid-morning moved past 11C with a high of 22C on the cards.

That wont be the end of the cold weather however, with tomorrow forecast to be just as chilly early on.

The good news is partly cloudy conditions on Sunday will see the minimum jump 6C from today's low with the maximum climbing towards 25C.

There is also a medium chance of showers on Sunday, most likely in the afternoon and evening.

These overcast conditions will clear heading into next week and the blue skies will see the mercury turn south again.

A minimum of 8C if forecast for Monday and although the maximum will climb towards 22C, it will probably feel even cooler with light westerly winds blowing most of the day.

Those winds will continue into Tuesday and Wednesday, with the temperature once again edging itself below 5C.

If all this is too cold for you, head to Brisbane where minimums will be in double figures.