Cold snap continues with more frost on the way

IPSWICH residents woke up to another morning of frost today as the city continued to shiver through a July cold snap.

The coldest part of the morning dropped down to 3.1C at 5am, increasing to 6.4C at 7am. The warmest part of the day will reach 24C .

Similar conditions are expected on Wednesday and Thursday, with overnight minimums dropping down to 2C and day time maximums will peak at 25C on both days.

Morning frost and sunny condition are expected right through to Thursday.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Gordon Banks said a combination of dry air, clear skies, long nights and light winds was contributing to the cold snap.

"We're in the middle of a big area of high pressure with a very dry air mass and this is causing clear and dry conditions with very light winds," Mr Banks said.

"All of these things together are conspiring to give us some very cold nights.

"We're a few weeks past the winter solstice but the nights are still fairly long and that gives the ground the chance to get colder."