Michael Hayes at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast. Picture: Richard Gosling
Michael Hayes at Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast. Picture: Richard Gosling

Coast man lays bare Josh Reynolds' ‘evil genius’ ex

THE dark, twisted world of NRL star Josh Reynolds' former partner Arabella Del Busso can be laid bare with a former lover revealing she connived and manipulated $10,000 from him, faked four funerals, including her mother's, and feigned poverty for rental bond loans she never repaid.

Auto King Mechanics owner and nightclub owner Michael Hayes branded the buxom 30-year-old "an evil genius" who was acutely aware of what she was doing and whose modus operandi was to simultaneously target eligible and wealthy men to fund her luxurious lifestyle.

Mr Hayes, along with four other men, have given key statements to Reynolds' defence team about having handed over thousands of dollars for various reasons to Ms Del Busso.

"I fell for her lies because I admit she's beautiful and she knows it. She uses her looks and her massive, fake tits to get what she wants," the 36-year-old father told the Saturday Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

We had dated for six months and the whole time I was with her, four people died - she said her mother had died and she didn't have money for the funeral. I paid it. Months later another uncle died and another relative. I paid for that funeral too."

"Then she said she did not have the money for a bond for an apartment and, like a fool, I lent the money.

Arabella Del Busso. Supplied
Arabella Del Busso. Supplied

"I felt something was suss - she lies through her teeth, she's compulsive. In the end my lawyer and I set up an elaborate sting to catch her out and I took her to a tribunal and won.

"I found out her mum is still alive and so is the relative she claimed died suddenly of cancer. She's created a fictional life of the walking dead. Who else she says is dead is going to pop up? There's no one left in her family - she's a grub."

Del Busso - whose real name is Donna Preusker - has a history of deception and false aliases and has accused former boyfriend NRL star Josh Reynolds of assault occasioning actual bodily harm relating to an alleged domestic violence incident last year.

NRL player Josh Reynolds and his now ex-girlfriend Arabella del Busso. Source – Facebook
NRL player Josh Reynolds and his now ex-girlfriend Arabella del Busso. Source – Facebook

He maintains he is the subject of calculated plot by his ex, who faked multiple pregnancies and used several aliases and even lied about suffering from cancer - claims she vehemently rejects.

Reynolds' defence also claims she digitally manipulated images of her to give the illusion that she was pregnant.

A witness has also provided a statement to Reynolds' legal team alleging she asked the witness to help her inject fertility drugs to bloat her stomach so she appeared pregnant.

Mr Hayes, who is from Sanctuary Cove, successfully sued the former receptionist at Melbourne IVF fertility clinic for fraud and obtaining money by deception and was awarded $7,866 via a Queensland tribunal in 2019.

He says she first contacted him on Facebook in 2014, luring him with flirtatious messages but it wasn't until two years later, having resumed contact, that she flew from Melbourne to the Gold Coast to meet him.

"I picked her up at the airport and we went for dinner. She was in her work clothes, a white top and blue skirt, I thought she was a weapon. She was attractive, extremely confident in what she does, she believes confidence is king," he said.

"We dated for about nine months, but the last two were about me setting her up to catch her out, she's smart but not as smart as me.

"There were too many lies for me not to suspect she was a wrong 'un. She said she was going off Facebook but she just blocked me from her posts, I'm too well known in the area for her to get away with that.

"She needs to get a job.

"I was the last guy she dated before Josh and when I heard she was taking him to court, I gave him my court papers to use for his defence - I feel sorry for the guy. He's not as bright as me and took longer to suss her out."