WINNER: Caloundra's Lynda Pentland won $60,000 this morning on Sunrise's Cash Cow.
WINNER: Caloundra's Lynda Pentland won $60,000 this morning on Sunrise's Cash Cow. Sunrise

Coast couple wins $60,000 on Sunrise Cash Cow

CHRISTMAS will be 60,000 times better for Caloundra's Lynda and Bill Pentland after they cleaned up Sunrise's Cash Cow competition this morning.

A disbelieving Mrs Pentland grabbed the call on the second ring, just in time for the three-ring cut-off, triggering a $60,000 windfall.

"You're not serious?" Mrs Pentland asked Sunrise host David 'Kochie' Koch and the crew this morning.

The pair were driving south to Blacktown, NSW for Christmas with the family and were passing through Nerang when the call came through.

"I honestly can't believe this is happening," Mrs Pentland said.

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The couple had recently moved north from Melbourne and Mrs Pentland was still looking for work, the $60,000 prize helping ease a bit of the pressure on her as she looks to secure a new job.

"We just can't believe it. Are you absolutely serious?" a stunned Mrs Pentland said.

"This isn't a hoax?"

As Kochie and the team assured her it was a legitimate call Mrs Pentland's excitement grew.

She said she was looking forward to a "great time" with her family now.

"Thank you very much, are you sure this isn't really a hoax?" she finished the call with as the Sunrise team continued to cheer the lucky couple.