CMC Rocks 2019. Tenille Townes of Canada.
CMC Rocks 2019. Tenille Townes of Canada. Cordell Richardson

CMC stars chat with QT

THEY are some of the biggest country singers in the world, and this weekend Tenille Townes and Michael Ray are delighting crowds at CMC Rocks.

The Canadian and American stars both took the stage on the first day of the festival, with Tenille playing on the Rebel Stage, and Michael taking part in the Songwriters Show.

Fans cheered, clapped and danced along as the artists sang out their favourite songs under a blistering Queensland sun before the storms hit late in the afternoon.

For Tenille, the chance to play at CMC Rocks on her first trip down under was a dream come true.

"It's such a dream to be here. I've always wanted to come to Australia and it means the world to me that music made it happen," she told Queensland Times journalist Ashleigh Howarth.

"It's so cool to get to be able to explore a new part of the world. Everyone has been so wonderful, and everyone is so joyful.

"It's so nice to be up on stage and seeing everyone enjoying my songs. It's kind of like how do you know these songs all the way over here, it's so cool.

"It feels like we are just one big country music family right here."


CMC Rocks 2019. Tenille Townes, of Canada.
CMC Rocks 2019. Tenille Townes, of Canada. Cordell Richardson

This isn't the first time Michael has played at CMC Rocks, but he sure is glad to be back.

What he loves about playing for Aussie fans is our deep appreciation for music.

"I feel like Australian fans dive more into records. They dive into the artist's career," Michael said.

"Aussies know songs that we have forgotten about. Or they are asking us to play a particular song, and I'm like, I didn't even know you would know that song.

"That's a really cool thing. They aren't just listening to the songs that they hear on the radio, and I appreciate that."


CMC Rocks 2019. Michael Ray, of the USA.
CMC Rocks 2019. Michael Ray, of the USA. Cordell Richardson

You can't interview two international music stars and not ask them if they have tried Vegemite yet.

"It's a very well known fact that I am a very big fan of peanut butter, to the point where I will eat almost an entire jar," Michael said.

"I was doing an interview with Jeremy Potts... and I took a knife full of Vegemite... a big rookie mistake.

"I am a huge fan of Australia and a huge fan of Australian food, minus Vegemite. Y'all might have to keep that."

The saltiness of our favourite spread also did not sit well on Tenille's tastebuds.

"I have some Australian friends who tricked me into it. I'm so sorry, but I'm not a fan. I wish I was."