UPDATE: A fallen tree branch narrowly missed an East Toowoomba home as a cluster of fast-hitting storms tore into the city.

The branch fell near the corner of Lydwin Crs and Campbell St and was removed by Ergon Energy workers.

Down the road, a fallen powerline at the corner of Mary and Campbell Sts is now repaired and traffic is moving steadily.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services station officer Chris Martial said it was a busy afternoon.

"There were two separate incidents very close to each other," he said.

"Upon arrival there were lines down from the street lights which were hanging around about a metre and a half from the ground so our priority was to close the intersection and make it safe."

Storm clusters are expected to return to Toowoomba tonight and tomorrow morning as a severe weather event hits the Maranoa and Warrego.

Fallen tree limb on corner of Campbell St and Lydwin Crescent due to strong winds in storm.
Fallen tree limb on corner of Campbell St and Lydwin Crescent due to strong winds in storm. Nev Madsen

EARLIER: A savage storm has brought down a large tree in East Toowoomba.

Emergency services have received reports the tree has landed on a home at the corner of Lydwin Crs and Campbell St. 

Ergon Energy workers are on the scene and police are directing traffic around the area. 

EARLIER: A powerline has fallen on the corner of Mary and Campbell Sts, as a result of a cluster of storms hitting Toowoomba. 

Emergency services have closed Mary St in both directions.

The line is reportedly hanging two metres above the ground. 

Higgins Storms Chasing warned there could be hail, which would also impact areas surrounding Toowoomba like Gatton, Laidley, Crows Nest, Highlands, Oakey and Jondaryan.

3.30PM: Thunderstorms hitting Toowoomba are expected to pick up tonight and carry over into the morning. 

The Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Brett Harrison said the cluster of storms, coming from the east, would not be easing up any time soon.

"There's a good chance of seeing pretty decent rainfall of 20-30 millimetres and possibly some areas getting above 50," he said.

Emergency services are warning residents to drive with care, after reports of a fallen powerline in East Toowoomba. 

The Bureau of Meterology has also released a weather warning for people in the Maranoa and Warrego. 

Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce damaging winds in the warning area over the next several hours in Bulloo Downs, Hungerford, Nappa Merrie, Orientos and Ballera.

Mr Harrison said the aftermath of the expected severe thunderstorms will carry over and hit Toowoomba early tomorrow morning. 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should:

  •  Move your car under cover or away from trees
  • Secure loose outdoor items
  • Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees
  • Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm
  • Beware of fallen trees and powerlines
  • For emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500.