Club board to talk to player on Hawthorn Hawks incident

AFL: The amateur footballer involved in an incident with Hawthorn coach Alastair Clarkson after the game against Port Adelaide last weekend has been given a 'please explain' by his own club's board.

Luke Helps plays for the Hackham Hawks in the Southern Football League, south of Adelaide.

President Graham Thompson said while Helps was "quite distraught" over the situation, the board still wanted to speak with him about what happened.

"He wasn't representing the club at the time, but, unfortunately for the young fellow, he does sort of represent us just as a member and a player all the time, I suppose," Thompson told ABC radio. "So he does have a little bit to answer to."

Thompson said Hawthorn officials had contacted the Hackham club, and police were still investigating the incident. Clarkson has said he regretted the way he reacted.