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Palmer says Newman 'angry ant' who needs medical help

IF SILVER-haired magnate Clive Palmer wins his pending defamation suit against Premier Campbell Newman, any funds paid would be given directly to help public servants sacked by the Queensland Government.

Mr Palmer also described the Premier as "an angry ant" who ought to seek medical attention for anger issues.

After delivering a quick series of attacks on Mr Palmer yesterday, including questioning the environmental record of his Townsville refinery, the stability of his Sunshine Coast resort and an accusation he attempted to buy the government, Premier Newman has been quiet today.

Mr Palmer told reporters in a mid-afternoon press conference he would instruct his lawyers to pursue a defamation claim in relation to the accusation he sought to buy the government.

He said the LNP was furious after the Palmer Party was joined by three Northern Territory members who abandoned the governing Country Liberal Party.

Mr Palmer said the Premier saw it as an "omen", then said he was in discussions with LNP backbenchers in Queensland's Parliament who he claimed were fearful of voters turning on the government in the 2015 election.

The Premier's office said Mr Newman was "unavailable" today, when questions were posed.

In his stead, Local Government Minister David Crisafulli and Treasurer Tim Nicholls each went on the attack, again criticising the leader of the Palmer Party's business acumen.

Palmer says Campbell Newman attack on his business 'out of order'

PALMER United Party leader and mining magnate Clive Palmer has described the Campbell Newman as being "wholly out-of-order" after the Premier attacked his Sunshine Coast resort and Townsville nickel refinery.

It comes as Mr Palmer announced he would sue the Premier for defamation in relation to the claims.

The PUP leader said there would be no settlement, he intended to force the Premier to front court.

In a spray on Sunday, Mr Newman told reporters hard questions needed to be asked of Mr Palmer, particularly in relation to the environmental record of his Queensland Nickel site in north Queensland and the apparent troubles faced by his Coolum resort on the Sunshine Coast.

Hundreds of jobs have been lost at the resort which has also lost major events including the Australian PGA championship.

The Premier said Mr Palmer "tried to buy a government, my government" then questioned whether the magnate had offered "inducements" to lure three former Country Liberal Party members in the Northern Territory to join his party.

In a radio interview on Monday morning, Mr Palmer denied there were any environmental issues at his nickel refinery or problems at his resort.

Mr Palmer said the former CLP members Larisa Lee, Francis Xavier Kurrupuwu and Alison Anderson approached him about joining the PUP and nothing was offered in return.

He accused the Premier of attacking his businesses out of desperation.

"You don't drag someone's personal business into the political argument," Mr Palmer said.

"Campbell Newman can't win the political argument because he wants to sell our hospitals, sell our schools, destroy this state and he's upset because he has some opposition in me on doing that."

"It is wholly out-of-order for a Premier to attack a personal business.

"I obey the laws in Queensland, I pay my taxes, I employ hundreds of Queenslanders and create jobs for them."