Clive grabs another two votes to sneak further ahead

THE lead in Fairfax swung further towards Clive Palmer yesterday on a slow day that saw voting reconciled in only two additional polling places.

Mr Palmer is now 41 votes ahead of the LNP's Ted O'Brien, increasing his lead by two from the 39-vote margin he held on Thursday.

The Australian Electoral Commission recount will not resume until Monday with final totals in 23 polling places still to be resolved.

Included in their number are the big pre-polling centres at Buderim, Maroochydore and Coolum, as well as the key Maroochydore polling booth.

Confusion about how a parcel of votes from the Coolum pre-poll centre ended up in the Buderim count sparked early calls from Mr Palmer for a full review of the Australian electoral system.

The recount now under way is being hampered by the extraordinarily large number of challenges coming principally from Palmer scrutineers.

Challenged votes go first to the Divisional Returning Officer David McKenzie for consideration.

Those that cannot be resolved there are sent for final determination to the Brisbane-based Ann Bright, the Australian Electoral Officer for Queensland.