Cleanaway's 'minor dump change' angers residents

RESIDENTS are again being asked to lodge their views as waste company Cleanaway proposes to raise the height of its New Chum dump.

The company has lodged a change request with Ipswich City Council after about a year of planning to extend its dump life by 20 years.

Cleanaway originally proposed to raise its landfill height from 70m to 100m but amended its application to cap the rise at 85m.

Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments spokesman Jim Dodrill said the company, knowing it would not be approved for 100m, was attempting to take baby steps to its desired height.

Cleanaway's application said the change was minor and there was no need to refer the change to the government or go to public notification.

Ipswich City Council dismissed the claim and said the application was a major change that required State Government referral and public notification.

Mr Dodrill said IRATE and Ipswich Residents and Ratepayers Association were now embarking on another push to have the public lodge their objections to the height rise.

"We're running a campaign now to make people aware," he said.

"We're encouraging people to put an objection in.

"Cleanaway have realised they're definitely not going to get 100m."

Mr Dodrill said "based on their history" the company will attempt to secure an 85m permit then lodge another change to go to 100m.

In a post to the Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments Facebook group, the community is encouraged to have its say within 15 business days.

"It is obvious that Cleanaway is not interested in the people of Ipswich, only the dollars they can earn bringing more waste to Ipswich, both from southeast Queensland and interstate," it said.

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