City's cold snap won't last long

WINTER arrived a day early yesterday as Ipswich shivered its way into its coldest May morning in 13 years.

The thermometer dropped into the negative at minus 1.8 at Amberley, just before 6am.

The last time the city experienced a colder morning in May was minus 3.1 in 2006.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Dave Crock said the cold and dry air mass behind a trough was normal for this time of year, and when combined with clear skies was the perfect recipe for a true winter's morning.

"Although you could say it was somewhat unusual for May, it was the last day of May and weather doesn't always follow the calendar," he said.

Ipswich residents could at least be thankful they didn't experience the much frostier conditions of the Granite Belt, where in Stanthorpe and surrounds, the mercury officially plummeted to negative 6, though some locals reported temperatures as low as minus 11.

In good news for those who are not fans of the frost, a south-easterly change is due to arrive later this afternoon, bringing with it much warmer nights and the chance of a few showers.

"There should be the odd shower and some patchy rain," Mr Crock said.

"Ipswich should get a bit of that shower activity. We should also see temperatures increase on Sunday."

Winter is far from over, however, with another dry air mass set to come through Southeast Queensland again next week.