Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller.
Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller. Rob Williams

'Never again': Ipswich recovering after council sacking

CHAOS that engulfed Ipswich City Council in recent memory will forever change how the community views its representatives, Jo-Ann Miller believes.

About three weeks have passed since the dismissal of 11 councillors by way of State Government legislation.

Ms Miller, the Member for Bundamba, said most people have noticed "very little difference to their day-to-day lives" after the sacking.

"Things are still happening as normal," she said.

"Most people contacted the Ipswich City Council call centre if there was any problem they needed resolved."

Ms Miller said things were looking positive for the city.

"I think the community now has got its mojo back," she said.

"I don't think there will ever again be a situation in Ipswich where the people take their foot off the throat of the council.

"Ipswich citizens have reclaimed the council."

The Bundamba MP has met with new council administrator Greg Chemello.

"He has a very clear view of his role as administrator," she said.

"He does not see himself in any shape, manner or form as a mayor.

"His job is reforming the administration, professionalising it and making sure it's more open and accountable."

Ms Miller said the "poor bloke" had quite a job on his hands.

"He's got to turn around the ship in 18 months," she said.

"It's not going to be an easy role."

She hoped any officers of the council who were concerned about raising corruption issues would do so.