CITY TREASURE: Lillian Reimers celebrates her 105th birthday with sons Geoff and Bryan.
CITY TREASURE: Lillian Reimers celebrates her 105th birthday with sons Geoff and Bryan. FILE

Ipswich farewells Lillian, passing peacefully at age 106

IPSWICH has lost one of its oldest residents, with great-great grandmother Lillian Reimers passing away peacefully on Christmas Eve, aged 106.

As they planned her funeral this week, Mrs Reimers' children reflected on the life of a much-loved and respected matriarch, who gave them an upbringing they'll remember fondly.

Lillian May Reimers was born in the small town of Meringandan, north of Toowoomba, on August 11, 1909.

Meringandan played a big part in Lillian's life, even after she left the Toowoomba area for Ipswich with husband Harold in the 1940s.

One of 13 children, Lillian's family will remember her as a strong-willed, no-nonsense country woman.

Youngest son Geoffrey said Lillian was a good mother who was somewhat strict, but always fair.

"We had a happy up-bringing and she provided very well for us during the war years," Mr Reimers said.

Lillian and Harold moved to Goodna in 1947, raising children Bryan, Valerie, Helen and Geoffrey.

"She was very active in her community," Mr Reimers said.

"She was on the school P&C, played tennis and represented Ipswich at one point."

A much younger Lillian Reimers.
A much younger Lillian Reimers. SUPPLIED

Eldest son Bryan could attest to his mother's prowess on the court.

"She was a great player, the old girl," he said.

"She could rip the ears off me."

Lillian and Harold lived happily together in the same house in Albert St until Harold passed away in 1996.

Lillian moved to Riverview Gardens the following year, spending her final years there.

Two highlights of those years were celebrating her 100th and 105th birthdays with family and friends. It seems that Lillian's genes may have played a part in her long life, with one of her brothers also living past the century mark. During those years, she spent many happy moments with her ever-expanding family, which by the time she passed away, included 10 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and eight great-great-grandchildren.

"She was as good as gold on the day she died - she was beautiful," Geoffrey said.

Lillian celebrates her 106th birthday
Lillian celebrates her 106th birthday SUPPLIED

Daughter Valerie said her mother would be sorely missed.

"She was the backbone of the entire family," she said.

"What we will miss most is just having mum there.

"No matter how much she was deteriorating, she was always there."

A memorial service will be held at Centenary Gardens on Wednesday, 12 noon.