POSTER GIRLS: Elle Morar and Candy Gazdagh from Rafter and Rose are divided on the image of 90s movie star Pierce Brosnan.
POSTER GIRLS: Elle Morar and Candy Gazdagh from Rafter and Rose are divided on the image of 90s movie star Pierce Brosnan. Rob Williams

CINEMA CLOSURE: What will happen to the iconic movie images?

FIVE Hollywood stars who have overlooked Ipswich for about two decades could soon be no more.

Weathered pictures of some of the most famous movie stars are pinned on the side of the Birch Carroll and Coyle cinema building.

There's a scene from Lethal Weapon featuring Mel Gibson, Something About Mary's star, Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Gwyneth Paltrow and Pierce Brosnan.

The rich colours of the images - pinned up in the 90s - have long been washed out.

Brosnan's black and white, sensual stare from high above Ellenborough St, has captivated customers of Rafter and Rose coffee shop across the road for as long as it has been open.

The fate of the images, once the Birch Carroll and Coyle cinemas close, is unknown.

Rafter and Rose owner Candy Gazdagh doesn't care much for Diaz, Cruise, Gibson or Paltrow; but would be heartbroken to see her beloved Brosnan removed from the wall.

"I just feel because Pierce has looked over our laneway for such a long time, it would be sad not to see him," she said.

"The posters are a bit old fashioned. We get a lot of people taking a photo from the laneway at the view of Pierce."

Ms Gazdagh uses Brosnan as a trig point for customers who are lost.

"We give him as directions to people," she said.

If the cinema offers the posters, Ms Gazdagh will be one of the first in line.

"I'd love just Pierce," she declared.

Ms Gazdagh's daughter Elle Morar admits she is too young to feel as passionate about Pierce.

Between sips of her coffee, Ms Morar shared her views about the years-old images.

"I think they're an Ipswich icon, but I don't like them at all," she laughed.

"They need a revamp or to not be there at all."

Ms Morar acknowledged many of Ipswich's long-time residents had become attached to the glamorous stars, but she was not one.

"I'm probably a little bit too young to have those three as a crush," she said, referring to Gibson, Cruise and Brosnan.

"I see they are an Ipswich icon and because they have been there for so long they actually do look like they're meant to be there."

Birch Carroll and Coyle is due to close its doors mid next year.

A spokesman for the company confirmed to the QT it would not re-sign a lease with Ipswich City Properties, citing a tough retail environment and the looming mall refurbishment as challenges.

The closure is a blow for the city, with Ipswich City Council preparing to start work on a one-way street, with car-parking, through the mall.