Michael Jones keeps a close eye on the cargo.
Michael Jones keeps a close eye on the cargo. Rob Williams

PHOTOS: Christmas beers, nudie runs on Ipswich bin route

FREE drinks and naked women are all part of the job for Michael Jones and his crew.

No, Micheal is not part of some first-class nightclub posse, enjoying cigars and champagne sipped from diamond encrusted flutes.

Michael is an Ipswich City Council garbage truck driver, and he loves every minute of the job. The nudity and booze are not part of some sordid underground bin emptying club.

Often, forgetful residents will make the mad dash to make sure their waste is disposed of. In the stress of the moment they will often forget necessities... such as clothes.

One word can explain the booze - Christmas.

Yes, thankful residents still leave alcohol out for their friendly garbage man or woman.

The most popular tipple left out is XXXX Gold.

Michael wouldn't be unhappy if some rumbos were left out for him this December.


Five bin tips

1. Drivers monitor what comes from your bin. If you are putting glass in your recycling, or regular waste in your green bin, it does get reported via a computer next to the driver's seat.

2. There is an Ipswich Bin App. It alerts you the evening before your bin collection.

3. Leave your bins 1 metre apart to ensure easy access

4. If your bin is too heavy to pick up, it won't be collected.

5. Wear clothes when taking your bin out, you don't want the neighbours gossiping.