Sean Choat is a stayer, like his pigeons.
Sean Choat is a stayer, like his pigeons. FILE

Choat sees good omen in his pigeons

SEAN Choat is hoping to be like some of the racing pigeons he has owned that have defied the odds.

The sitting Ipswich West LNP MP is listed by betting agency Sportsbet as paying $4.50 to win the January 31 state election with Labor candidate Jim Madden the favourite at $1.20.

Mr Choat has a keen interest in pigeon racing. He joked that it is "not advanced enough to have a TAB on it" but he has seen some pigeons defy pre-race sentiments about their chances, and he is hoping to be one of those.

"I've had some good old ones that would win over a short distance, and then you'd put them in on a hard day and they would come up trumps too," he said.

"I'm hoping to follow them.

"But I never try and get too involved in polls and the odds.

"I try and work hard for the local people and hopefully on the day they will recognise that and say 'I'll put a one in Choaty's box'."

Mr Choat said he had "always liked short campaigns".

"It is so hard for people to put up with all these ads on the TV, and even as a politician I hate them," he said.

"I'd much rather people be able to make their decision and get it over and done with."