Frosty Morning.
Frosty Morning.

Chilly night ahead as Ipswich temperatures drop

RESIDENTS might want to stay in bed a little longer tomorrow morning or at least find a cosy way to keep warm with temperatures forecast to drop down to 2C overnight.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Rosa Hoff said some parts of the region would experience a frosty start to the week.

"Overnight temperatures are going to be quite chilly and not having any cloud cover is going to keep that extra layer of insulation away," she said.

"That will steadily increase, but stay pretty chilly for the start of the week with Sunday night and Monday morning heading for a minimum of 3C.

"There's certainly good potential to see frost not just in the morning tomorrow, but on Monday as well."

Temperatures will continue to increase steadily throughout the week by about one degree per day, with minimum temperatures sitting at 9C by Friday.

There is a slight chance of rain later in the week on Thursday and Friday.