Children to return to classrooms after holidays, PM says


PRIME Minister Scott Morrison says he expects Australian children to return to school after the coming school holidays.

In interviews this evening on the Seven and Nine networks, Mr Morrison said there was minimal coronavirus health risks for children and young people attending classes.

Mr Morrison said schools were planning for a combination of distance learning and normal schooling.

He said if parents could not provide a learning environment at home, the children must go back school.

"School will return after the holidays," Mr Morrison said.

"They just won't be holidays that most school students have known for a long time.

"And when they go back, it's the learning that matters, and we hope to have an arrangement that can return as much to normal as possible.

"But we have to accept that there will be, for some protracted period of time, this combination of distance learning, and for those who can't do that at home, no child should be turned away."

Meanwhile, Education Minister Dan Tehan said the Federal Government would work with the states and territories to ensure education outcomes were not impacted negatively.

"We will continue to work with the states and territories to ensure that we're getting the best learning outcomes we can for our children this year," Mr Tehan said.

"The pandemic is going to take a lot away but, as the PM has said, we want to make sure that education to the best of our ability isn't one of them."

Mr Morrison also stressed there were timeframes on the economic help offered to Australians including confirmation free childcare would not become a new normal in Australia.