'Childish' biffo boils over in oldies bike track dust up

TWO men in their 60s exchanged blows at a bush trail motorcycle track when one refuse to leave.

The victim of the assault was known to the attacker and had previously been told not to attend outside of organised track events. And known to be a bit of a sticky-beak, an Ipswich court heard.

Noel Ian Ashford, who lives on the Harrisville site in his motor home, was accused of hitting the local resident and faced several charges before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Ashford, 60, pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm on November 26 last year; possession of dangerous drugs on February 6; possession of drug utensils; and contravening a police direction to supply identification details.

Defence lawyer Michael Kelly said Ashford occupies the property and was at court with the landowner.

He said the injured man had been a member of a social motorcycle club, with riders only allowed on the track site to ride at events. The court heard the complainant was told not to go on to the property unless there was an event on.

"(The complainant) was told to get off the site. Words were said. An altercation occurs. More words were said and punches were thrown both ways," Mr Kelly said.

"(The complainant) has been banned from the club and banned from the property. He was told not to go on the property outside club meets."

Mr Kelly said Ashford operated a demolition business for 30 years, but now suffered significant lung issues, and had a dated hip replacement that caused significant pain.

Magistrate Andy Cridland said he had read the facts and that it involved two men of reasonable age who'd acted "somewhat childishly".

He noted Ashford briefly returned to his motorhome and returned with a pole, and the victim should not have been there and had the opportunity to walk away.

For the most serious offence, Mr Cridland sentenced Ashford to three months' jail, immediately suspended for 12 months, with lesser penalties on the remaining offences.