Childcare worker makes 4-year-old clean up her own urine

THE parents of a four-year-old girl say they are "angry" and she is "humiliated" after she was forced to clean up her own urine after she had an accident at daycare.

The little girl had accidentally wet herself during a lunchtime period soiling her clothes and leaving a patch of urine in the playground.

But instead of taking her inside to change her the girl was told to clean up the mess in front of all the other children during lunch time on April 25th.

The girl's mother, Sindy Moise says it was unacceptable.

Ms Moise said that a daycare supervisor gave her daughter a brush and a bucket of soap water and had her scrub the spot on all fours, it was only after that the little girl was taken inside to be changed.

In an interview Wednesday, Ms Moise said she has since met with officials at Ecole Montcalm, her daycare centre in Montreal Canada and claims the supervisor was unapologetic.

Ms Moise says the daycare supervisor said her methods were "educational" and that the scrubbing was "merely symbolic."

The girl's father, Dietrich Bansuri, told The Canadian Press the treatment of his daughter was "unacceptable."

"She's only four," Mr. Bansuri said.

Ms. Muise is demanding action be taken.

"She had no remorse" Ms. Muise said of the daycare worker. "She told us, 'It's our way of perceiving the situation. If you tell me that's OK, what else is being done that she qualifies as 'educational' that we don't know about?"

But many it seems disagree with  some parents saying children should be forced to be accountable for their actions.

"A four-year-old is big enough to take care of simple and basic chores like wiping up a mess. Accident or on purpose, it's good to teach kids that they can and should be responsible," wrote one mother on Facebook.

Another: "We need our kids to take responsibility for their actions… too many snowflakes out there already!"

And this: "A natural consequence is the best teacher. We're not helping any kid get through life by doing things for them that they can and should do for themselves. When is an appropriate age to teach personal responsibility? Start them young."

One commenter, a teacher, said that it was the parents' fault for not toilet training their children.

"There was a time kids had to be toilet trained before they could attend school. Not too much to expect. When my kids were little, their day care had a minimum age of two, and THEY had to be toilet trained. And they were.

"As a teacher, I've had to toilet train kids in Gr. 3, 4, and 5. Is it too much to expect parents to take care of this?  There's more to this story than presented. Kids who are old enough to go to school can clean up their own accident."

But others felt it was inappropriate and that the child had suffered enough.

"The way I see it is that if a child has an accident and pees their pants they are embarrassed enough. What is making them get down on the ground nose to pee and scrub it up going to do??"

The Canadian Press reports that school officials have met with the parents of the four-year-old girl and been assured that the employee's actions are not the type of behaviour sanctioned by the school board.

"Rest assured that this is not a practice at the CSDM and we deplore this action," the board said.

It comes as a daycare worker in Ohio is sacked after a photograph emerged of her dragging a child down a hallway.

The image was made public after another teacher spotted the child being dragged by the arm. The teacher's employer said it was an unacceptable act that unfairly reflected poorly on her colleagues.

This article originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

What do you think about this? Should children be accountable for their actions or is this going too far?

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