A child sex offender will sepnd eight months behind bars.
A child sex offender will sepnd eight months behind bars.

Child sex offender to serve eight months in prison

A MAN, 57, who had sex twice with a boy, 14, will serve eight months in prison.

"I'm getting horny for boy p---y sl--" was just one of the messages Allan John McGregor sent to the school-aged child during their communication between January 22-27.

McGregor pleaded guilty to carnal knowledge, grooming with intent to procure in a sexual act, and indecent treatment of a child under 16 by exposure.

He entered the plea in Gladstone Magistrates Court on March 13, when he was remanded in custody for seven days, and reappeared on Friday via video link.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carl Spargo told the court McGregor met the complainant on a dating site and arranged to meet, and have sex.

McGregor sent multiple sexual messages to the boy including "find out where the sex shop is so I can buy sissy a butt plug you can wear it 24/7" and "suck my k--".

The court heard the child went to McGregor's address, was told to undress, was pushed face down onto a bed, that McGregor had anal sex with him and ejaculated onto his leg.

The teen returned to the address the next day where McGregor gave him an iPad and said: "This is yours as long as your d--- is mine."

The court heard that the boy told McGregor he was age 14 before McGregor told him to remove his clothes and had sex with him again.

McGregor said he took Viagra pills to "make his penis hard".

The court heard that the boy took a photo with the iPad.

The photo showed McGregor holding a dildo to his groin making it appear he was holding his penis.

Sen-Constable Spargo said the victim suffered from autism, had been experiencing nightmares and had concerns about being touched since the offending.

Defence lawyer Bianca Hight said her client had at first been under the impression the boy was age 38 and was being initially opportunistic.

She said the victim was on an adult website, which required him to be over 18 and have a credit card.

Ms Hight said it wasn't until the victim went to McGregor's home that he realised he was a child.

She said McGregor, originally from Cairns, was involved in a motorbike accident in 1999.

Ms Hight said he sustained brain injuries, which affected his memory, eyesight and balance.

She said McGregor admitted he had a problem with alcohol and was drinking during the offending.

Ms Hight said he had stopped drinking about a month ago and that he suffered from anxiety and depression.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said the offer of an item for continued sexual gratification was "abhorrent".

McGregor was sentenced to two years' imprisonment, eligible for parole on November 8 with eight days already served.