Needles found dumped near a dead end in Brassall.
Needles found dumped near a dead end in Brassall. Contributed

Child almost stuck by needles secreted in bushes

ANOTHER of Ipswich's outdoor areas has been plagued with needles according to a local.

Troy Abraham was out collecting firewood at the end of Diamantina Blvd, Brassall with his young son when he almost stepped on several needles.

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"We just went out to grab a bit of firewood from the bush and I saw them," he said.

"I parked right next to them and I didn't even realise as I got out, then I saw them near my foot.

"Four needles; one had a cover on and one didn't but there were two without covers and they did have needles."

Needle disposal locations:

  • Leichhardt Park - 1A Ernest Street, Leichhardt in toilets (single use syringe only, not kits)
  • Cobb & Co. Heritage Park - 27 John Street, Rosewood (single syringe use only, not kits)
  • Riverheart Parklands - 20 Bremer Street, Ipswich in toilets near the railway bridge (single syringe use only, not kits)
  • Cameron Park - 95A Brisbane Road, Booval - opposite number 10 Easton Street (single syringe use only, not kits)
  • Entrance to Ipswich Health Plaza - Bell Street Ipswich near car park entrance (large bin for syringe container disposal)
  • Goodna Community Health Centre - 81 Queen Street, Goodna entrance to car park (large bins for syringe container disposal)
  • Browns Park - 29 Downs Street, North Ipswich in toilets (single syringe use only, not kits)
  • Langley Park - 7 Bruce Lane, Camira in toilet attached to the Hall (single syringe use only, not kits)

Mr Abraham said he alerted the police but was redirected to council to take care of the grubby problem.

"I'm pretty angry, my little fella nearly stood on one ... I caught it just in time, he didn't have shoes on," he said.

"I had some gloves, they were spear out as you can see in the photo so I stacked them in piles so people could see them better.

"I had nothing to put them in, if I had a container I would have put them in there ... probably burnt them.

"Just be even more aware around the area, throw some shoes on the kids when they're out around the area."

Locals are urged to contact council for needles that are found in public toilets, council parks, reserves, or council owned and controlled public areas.

"Council will have a responsible officer inspect the area ASAP," a council spokesperson said, "A discarded needle in a public place could cause a needle stick injury and possibly serious health concerns.

"To try and reduce the risk of a need stick injury occurring, it's important that the public become aware of how and where they can dispose of needles safely."

Queensland Health recommend the safest way to dispose of a needle is by picking it up by the middle of the barrel, find a puncture-proof sealable container, drop the needle in the container pointy end first, and drop it to a sharps disposal bin.

If it is not possible for the customer to access these sharps disposal resources, they are still legally allowed to place the contained needle into their domestic Council rubbish bin," the spokesperson said.