Cheers, Kevin, you're my new gay hero

CHEERS, Kev. I'm glad you've finally figured out that denying queers like me access to marriage isn't particularly ethical.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, your vote is welcome, but we've somehow turned people's rights into a popularity contest.

I'm not okay with that.

It's bad enough that the Coalition aren't allowed a conscience vote on the matter, what's worse is that the ALP are seen as the good guys for pretending there's an ethical dilemma in allowing same-sex marriage.

You don't get morality points for being more ethical than Tony Abbott, he's got Cardinal Pell in his ear and Australia never had much hope for the budgie smuggler anyway.

I like free speech, it lets me know who to avoid at dinner parties and it makes sure I'm not missing important information, but it's just plain Un-Australian when your old base tells me that I'm not worthy of promoting my relationship in a culturally significant way.

I think I'm more grateful that you've left that kind of rhetoric behind you.

There should be some votes in it for you, so that's a plus.

We were all looking for a distraction from the domestic between Julia and Tony anyway, so cheers for that too.

And you know what, I'm fine with you getting your media fix every now and then if it means I get to watch the ACL throw one of their ever-entertaining and logic-defying tantrums.

They made a racist gaff this time, in case you were wondering.

So here's to me being able to marry the man I love at some point in the near future - it's long overdue and the fuddy-duddies just aren't funny anymore.