Picture: Darren J McCabe Photography
Picture: Darren J McCabe Photography

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Ipswich Hockey Association

Men's and Boys' fixtures, May 21-23

Friday (Field, Time, Umpires, Tech Bench): A Grade - Wests v Norths, 1, 7pm, Michel, Hayden/Mantell, Chris, Haley, Leanne/Gotting, Bernie.

Reserve Grade: Hancock Brothers v Easts, 2, 8:30pm, Michel, Hayden/Eleison, Mark, Chandler, Rae/Gotting, Caitlin.

Saturday: J2 Grade - Easts Gold v Hancock Brothers, 4, 10:10am, Batten, Andrew/McPeake, Tamara; Wests v Easts Black, 5, 10:10am, Jackwitz, Steele/Brown, Shane.

J1 Grade: Easts v Wests, 1, 1pm, McPeake, Kiana-Lynne/Wells, Hayleigh, Batten, Kathy; Hancock Brothers v Norths, 2, 2:30pm, Kinnane, Brent/McManus, Ben, Gotting, Caitlin.

Res Grade: Wests v Norths, 2, 7pm, Kinnane, Brent/McManus, Ben.

Sunday: A Grade - Hancock Brothers v Easts, 1, 4:45pm, Arthur, Richard/Profke, Zac, Gotting, Bernie/Gotting, Caitlin.

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Women's and girls fixtures May 21-23

Friday (Field, Time, Umpires, Tech Bench): Reserve Grade - Easts v Thistles, 2, 7pm, Eleison, Mark/McPeake, Kiana-Lynne, Chandler, Rae; Swifts v Hancock Brothers, 1, 8:30pm, Hudson, Stuart/McPeake, Kiana-Lynne, Haley, Leanne/Gotting, Bernie.

Saturday: E Grade - Thistles - Norths, 1, 10:10am, Meloury, Aliesha/Gotting, Bernie, Chandler, Rae; Wests v Swifts, 2, 10:10am, Alchin, Pauline/Hollis, Jazmine, Eleison, Mark; Hancock Brothers v Easts, 3, 10:10am, McPeake, Kiana-Lynne/TBA.

D Grade: Easts v Swifts, 1, 11:30am, Wells, Hayleigh/Brown, Shane, Chandler, Rae; Norths v Hancock Brothers, 2, 11:30am, Meloury, Aliesha/Batten, Andrew, Eleison, Mark.

C Grade: Easts v Thistles / Hancocks, 1, 2:30pm, Hocking, Hugh/Nipperess-Sims, Christina, Batten, Kathy; Northern Strikers v Swifts, 2, 4pm Hocking, Hugh/Eleison, Mark, Haley, Leanne.

R2 Grade: Easts v Vets, 1, 4pm, Hudson, Stuart/Brown, Shane, Gotting, Caitlin; Bellbowrie Gold v Swifts, 2, 5:30 PM, Hudson, Stuart/Brown, Shane, Haley, Leanne.

Reserve Grade: Norths v Bellbowrie, 1, 5:30pm, Nipperess-Sims, Christina/Collier, Jasmine, Alchin, Pauline.

A Grade: Swifts v Thistles, 1, 7pm, Eleison, Mark/Nipperess-Sims, Christina, Gotting, Bernie/Gotting, Caitlin.

Sunday: R2 Grade - Hancock Brothers v Norths, 2, 4:45pm, Walker, Nat/McManus, Ben, Chandler, Rae

A Grade: Easts v Hancock Brothers, 1, 6:15pm, Walker, Nat/McManus, Ben, Gotting, Bernie/Gotting, Caitlin.