Exciting Ipswich junior vigoro is back up and running. Picture: Rob Williams
Exciting Ipswich junior vigoro is back up and running. Picture: Rob Williams

Check out Coal City Cup winners


Sandy Gallop

2020 Coal City Cup Day 2 October 25 results.

A Grade: 1st C. Packer - 69ocb, 2nd Chris Woods - 69.

B Grade: 1st Ben Thomson - 71, 2nd Neil Cochrane - 72.

C Grade: 1st Peter Doyle - 70, 2nd Darren Verrell (3506) - 77ocb.

Ladies: 1st Lorna Burns - 70, 2nd Julie Daniels.

Nearest to the Pin: 3rd J. Diehm - 235cm, 8th P. Doyle - 19cm, 11th M. Manning - 196cm,

18th S. Tunny - 215cm.

Approach: 9th B. Heaton - 56cm, 15th G. McMullin - 108cm.

BRD: 74. PCC: 1.

2020 Coal City Cup 36 Hole - October 24 and 25 results.

Coal City Cup winner: Martin Manning - 134.

Nett winner: C. Packer - 136. A Grade Nett winner overall nett winner.

B Grade Gross winner: Joshua Etherden- 163.

B Grade Nett winner: Gary McMullin - 137.

C Grade Gross winner: Col Young - 184.

C Grade Nett winner: Peter Doyle - 148.

Ladies Gross winner: Lorna Burns - 162.

Ladies Nett winner: Barbara Scott - 145.

Results Coal City Cup Round 1, October 24.

A Grade: 1st S. Costello 64, 2nd N. Manttan 65, 3rd B. Jacobs 67ocb.

B Grade: 1st G. McMullin 65, 2nd C. Belford 67, 3rd Z. Connolly 67ocb.

C Grade: 1st N. Weatherhead 62, 2nd L. Malaschevsky 67ocb, 3rd J. DeBeer 67.

Ladies: 1st B. Scott 67 2nd L. Sullivan 71ocb.

NTP: 3rd M. Scott 14cm, 8th R. Coyne 90cm, 11th C. Fraser 166cm, 18th J. de Beer 62cm.

Approach: 9th M. McClurg 23cm 15th J. Walsh 57cm.

Eagles Nest: D. Butler 6th & P. Mahoney 12th.

BRD: 74. PCC: 0.

Gala Week: Wednesday Stableford Medley.

Division 1: 1st A. Craggs 44pts 2nd S. De Lacey 43pts 3rd J. Owen 39pts.

Division 2: 1st J. Frankish 38pts ocb 2nd I. Henry 38pts 3rd W. Rees 36pts ocb .

NTP: 3rd Jeff Brown 430cm 8th Jeff Brown 200cm 11th D. Ballin 28cm 18th John Frankish In The Hole.

Approach: 2nd M. Clem 141cm 17th C. Woods 40cm.

Eagles Nest: E. O' Farrell 1st.

J. Frankish - Hole In One 18th.

BRD: 33pts. PCC: 0.


Results October 24.

Men's 4 Ball Stroke champions 2020.

Winners: T Clarke + J Smith 61. Runner ups: L Cameron + T Stanford 62.

Single Stableford winners: J Piccini 39 OCB Ladies: E Nelson 40.

Runner ups:- S Noble 39 OCB Ladies: L Johnston 38.

Mens rundown to 33. Ladies rundown to 30.

NTP. No2: R Ellison. Ladies: D Pearson.

No 9 (0-18) R Lee (19-36). Ladies: E Nelson

No 11:- J Smith. Ladies: L Johnston.

No 15: D Butterfield. Ladies: C McKenzie.

Approach: M Newman. Ladies: L Johnston.

Next game: Saturday - Lions Day, 2 Player Ambrose.

Rosewood Vets

Results October 26.

Trophy Donors: M.Gibson & L.Hunter

Winners: L.Smith 38pts.  Ladies J.Holloway 39pts.

Runners-up: D.Russell 36pts o.c.b.  Ladies A.Brown 32pts.

Rundowns: Mens to 34.  Ladies to 29.

N.T.P'S: No2 G.O'Connor   Ladies A.Brown. No9  R. Turnbull   Ladies S. Morgan. No11 D. Russell.   Ladies A. Brown.

No15  D. Russell.  Ladies J.Holloway.

Approach: No16  R.Turnbull.  Ladies D.Stanley.

Next game: November 7, 8am start.

All vets 50 & over with A.G.U handicaps welcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Ipswich Vigoro Association

What a great start to the Ipswich vigoro season for juniors.

After two weeks of Come'n' Try sessions, the junior comp was able to field five teams and there is talk of a sixth one if there's a few more players.

Most teams are working towards 10 a side which gives all players the opportunity to participate as much as possible.

This season we changed the age for boys to 12 and under and girls remain at under 14. We are really keen to see if we can get a boys competition going either at the end of the season or next season.

Ipswich's Midgy format, which runs for six weeks and is free to all under 8s, has also been up and running for two weeks.

We have had a great turn out so far with over 20 Midgies participating both weeks.

Ipswich's junior competition is looking great for the future.

Thanks to all of our parents who are bringing their children along to participate.