Charismatic man influenced Camira drug trafficker

A SUPREME court justice has warned a young Camira man to stay away from a "charismatic" person who influenced him to traffic drugs.

Aidan Taylor Bosgra, 21, was sentenced in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday to three years in jail but was released immediately on a suspended sentence.

He pleaded guilty to trafficking methylamphetamine and marijuana, selling MDMA once and possessing a phone used for trafficking.

Police searched Bosgra's home on June 2, 2015, and seized his mobile phone.

Officers analysed the phone, finding he had 21 customers and had discussed drugs in texts 57 times.

He was "actively engaged" in selling drugs for two and a half months from March 2015.

Justice Peter Flanagan said the quantities of drugs sold was small and Bosgra's business had been worth $3465.

He said Bosgra had bipolar disorder and began hearing voices at age 15.

Justice Flanagan said Bosgra had become addicted to methylamphetamine and come under the influence of a "charismatic" personality. He had moved in with the man and he had caused him to begin trafficking drugs.

"It is clear that you must avoid this person at all costs to continue your rehabilitation," Justice Flanagan said.

He said Bosgra's family supported him and he would live with his mother on release from custody.

He had previously worked as a plasterer and had an offer of employment.