Chance for meth Mum to ‘prove herself’

A YOUNG North Queensland mum has been given a chance to "prove herself" after she was caught with more than $10,000 worth of meth.

Skye Marie Dwyer, 22, was high when police pulled her over in September 2019 and searched her car, uncovering 10.364g of "high quality" meth stashed away.

Dwyer faced the Townsville Supreme Court on Friday where she pleaded guilty to possessing dangerous drugs and a used glass pipe. Crown Prosecutor Siobhan Harrison said Dwyer told police she had nothing illegal in her car after she was pulled over on the Kennedy Developmental Rd near Hughenden.

Officers found two small bags of meth secreted in a small case. Combined, the drugs could fetch more than $15,000 on the street Ms Harrison said alleging that the quantity, purity and potential value of the drugs indicated commerciality.

Dwyer's defence barrister Michael Hibble rejected this, saying his client, who worked at a cattle station in Winton, travelled eight hours and purchased the drugs in bulk.

"She purchased the drugs for $4000, was travelling back to Winton … she had already had a smoke and got done for driving under the influence," he said.

"That is part of the reason police searched her car because her eyes were dilated.

"It might come as a surprise but there are actually no drug or methamphetamine dealers in Winton, that is why she had to make such a long journey to buy the drugs."

The charge against Dwyer carries a maximum penalty of 20-25 years behind bars.

Mr Hibble said his client began using drugs after she fell into the wrong crowd, but that she had turned her life around since falling pregnant and having her first child.

"Things have remarkably changed for this young woman," he said. "What caused that change is being pulled up by the police and being charged with this offence.

"It has made her make some good choices in life compared to the poor choices that she had been making." Justice David North said he had a "grave suspicion" Dwyer purchased the drugs intending to sell at least some - but that the evidence against her was circumstantial.

He sentenced her to a head sentence of 18 months with immediate parole release, noting some would consider the penalty "very lenient". "You are being given a chance to prove yourself on parole," he said

"If you slip up, you will serve a term of imprisonment.

"The ball is in your court." 

Originally published as Chance for meth Mum to 'prove herself'