SWIM TIME: Mika, 8, Leviticus, 7, and Isaiah Carlton-Telea 11 have fun at Orion Lagoon
SWIM TIME: Mika, 8, Leviticus, 7, and Isaiah Carlton-Telea 11 have fun at Orion Lagoon Cordell Richardson

Chamber president welcomes Lagoon naming rights opportunity

GREATER Springfield Chamber of Commerce President Neil Coupland thinks the opportunity to rename the Orion Lagoon would be great for a local business.

Recently the Ipswich City Council called for expressions of interest in the naming rights to the lagoon after negotiations with Mirvac stalled.

The council had an agreement with Mirvac to name the Orion Lagoon from its opening in September 2015 until September 2018.

"I suppose they're still negotiation,” Mr Coupland said.

"It would obviously be a great opportunity for a local business, if the dollars are right.”

But he warned businesses would need to be savvy to make sure they get a good deal.

"I don't know what council are looking for, but you've got to look at the return on investment.

"The Brisbane one has had two or three different names over the years. All major stadiums get their name changed, the same as sporting teams.”

Mr Coupland said any business looking to put their hand up for the deal would need to find out what sort of signage or recognition they would get for their investment.

QT readers on Facebook said a new name wouldn't change much.

Tracy Jones posted "That's ridiculous we all know it as Robelle pool please stop the name change its not necessary”.

David Willow suggesed "Lagoon McLagoonface” as the name and Sheree Matheson put foward "Spring Central Wetlands”.

Megan Lang joked "The Soup Bowl” would make a good name and Lynda Bennett Stone said "Orion public bath”.

While Jamie Barns said "Springfield lagoon is perfect!”.

Mirvac has been contacted for comment.