Staff engineer Toowoomba firm's success

Ross Leamon, Downey Engineering for Better Business. Photo Nev Madsen / The Chronicle
Downey Engineering manager Ross Leamon. Nev Madsen

TO GO from being an engineer to running a business was a change that meant a steep learning curve for Ross Leamon.

The Downey Engineering manager worked for the business for nine years, before acquiring the company in 2003.

Mr Leamon said wrapping his head around human resources, insurance, marketing and accounting had been a challenge - but one worth taking on.

Downey Engineering is a control systems integration business, specializing in machine, plant and process control across a range of industries, including manufacturing, food and beverage and material handling.

The company's six full-time engineers design, program and maintain the industrialised automation controllers and computers used by such industries.

Mr Leamon said providing a top level of service to his clients was his business priority.

"My inspiration was to be able to provide a high-quality engineering and programming service to regional and remote clients.

"The best aspect for me is the satisfaction it provides when I see a completed project and a satisfied client. I love working with my team and seeing them learn and expand their knowledge.

"Above all else, (my most important tool) is the fantastic staff that I have been lucky enough to employ over the years.

"They go above and beyond to deliver their best efforts to our projects and clients."

Mr Leamon said that as with any business, challenges had been thrown up along the way, mainly around customer education, but a strong team and business relationships had kept the company moving.

"Shifting markets particularly in local manufacturing industries have meant a need to broaden our services and geographic reach," Mr Leamon said.

"The best business (and life) lesson I have learnt is to always treat people with respect and value their input.

"Business is all about personal relationships and they work best in an environment based on mutual respect."

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