CFMMEU demands ‘frank answers’ on Adani jobs
CFMMEU demands ‘frank answers’ on Adani jobs

Union demands ‘frank answers’ on Adani jobs

THE CFMMEU is muscling up for a special agreement with Adani, demanding it reveal how it would staff the mine and warning not to let down members "who have supported your project in good faith".

The letter sent yesterday signals the union wants an enterprise bargaining agreement giving its members lucrative pay and conditions. A unionised mining site can make it harder to hire contractors and fly-in fly-out workers.


Adani CEO Lucas Dow. Picture: Annette Dew
Adani CEO Lucas Dow. Picture: Annette Dew


In the letter to Adani chief executive Lucas Dow, mining and energy division general president Tony Maher asked for urgent clarification on the jobs that would be provided.

"Your proposed project has received much support in Queensland, including from union members on the ground it will generate good local jobs,'' Mr Maher wrote.

"If the project is approved, I am eager to ensure the support it has received is not misplaced. The Carmichael mine project has the potential to provide quality employment to thousands of locals over the years ahead but this outcome cannot be relied upon unless you are willing to provide some undertakings."

He demanded eight "frank answers", including how people many Adani would hire, if it would employ labour hire companies and whether it would rule out a casual or fixed-term workforce.

"Mining can and should be a provider of quality employment for regional Australians.

"Unfortunately, the industry hasn't always held up its side of the bargain. Coal mining companies have been known to reject locals in favour of FIFO workers from thousands of kilometres away.

"Union and community members who have supported your project in good faith, on the basis of local jobs, deserve to know they won't be let down if the project proceeds."

Mr Dow last night confirmed the mine would create 1500 direct jobs and 6750 indirect jobs.

"We have also stated that Adani will be engaging both direct employees and contracting partners,'' he said.

"We will not engage people with 457 visas to work on the Carmichael Project.

"Our tender and recruitment processes are structured to ensure preference is given to regional Queensland workers and businesses.

"We welcome Mr. Maher's interest in our project and we are also looking to understand whether the CFMEU is engaging with other mining companies in relation to these questions or whether they have been provided to Adani as a special case."