Rainfall totals January 20-27
Rainfall totals January 20-27

Central West rain brings CQ rivers back to life

As the Central West celebrates falls and dams on drought-striken properties begin to fill, so to are some of the regions water storage facilities.

The dwindling Fairbairn Dam has had many in the Central Highlands and Capricornia regions on edge but after the large falls out west in recent days, levels are beginning to rise.

Since January 23, levels have risen by one per cent to 10%, an increase of more than 15,000 megalitres in the 1.3 million megalitre capacity dam.

Trends also suggest the levels will continue to rise as more water moves east down the Nogoa River.

Bureau of Meteorology river levels as at Monday showed data collection points upstream of the Fairbairn were showing good flow.

One collection point at Raymond, 50km west of Springsure, had levels at 4.85m.

Closer to the dam, two stations at Craigmore had steady levels around 6.4m.

East of the dam, the Mackenzie River was on the rise at 8m at the station by the Bingegang Weir.

Meanwhile, parts of the Fitzroy River are also rising, with levels at Riverslea reaching 1.19m and rising yesterday.

Water heights were 2.21m below the bridge at Riverslea at time of print.

Looking forward to the immediate forecast, rain is expected to ease across the Central West tomorrow with only slim chances of rain in the next week.

Some coastal showers with the potential to bring up to 5mm of rain each day are forecast for the Capricorn Coast.

Falls around Rockhampton will be even patchier.

Some long-term models show the potential for big coastal falls in early February with the emergence of a low-pressure system.

A BOM spokesman said although modelling systems often projected low pressure systems in the long term, they're quite often inaccurate.

As for the large rainfalls ­expected to bring falls in excess of 100mm to the north of the state, he said they were expected to stretch down as far south as Mackay before contracting to the north today.

Rockhampton can only expect isolated showers as a result, according to the Bureau.