CCC to spend holidays wading through Ipswich complaints file

CRIME and Corruption Commission investigators will spend Christmas wading through a basket of Ipswich City Council complaints.

Investigators have received a fresh batch of concerns from council staff since September after the establishment of a dedicated whistleblower hotline.

The external email address was established under the management of administrator Greg Chemello and the five-person advisory panel.

It was set up to encourage hesitant staff with concerns about the council to make confidential complaints.

The QT understands CCC officers have been sifting through the complaints and determining whether they reach the threshold of the CCC or can be dealt with by the Department of Local Government.

The CCC did not respond to a request for comment.

It is understood the CCC is also continuing to investigate a council supervisor who allegedly ordered employees to weed her home.

The senior employee is also alleged to have swapped government property - 40 mature trees from the council's nursery - for a cross trainer.

Emails sent to the whistleblower address were read by two members on the council's interim management committee.

It sat outside the council's email system, to boost employee confidence about security.

It comes after the State Government's Office of the Independent Assessor opened this month to deal with complaints about councillors.