Former Ipswich Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood.
Former Ipswich Deputy Mayor Victor Attwood. David Nielsen

CCC eyes memorabilia returned by city's ex-deputy mayor

MEMORABILIA items returned by Ipswich's former deputy mayor Victor Attwood are being investigated by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Mr Attwood, who served on the Ipswich City Council for 16 years, was believed to be in possession of items after he retired ahead of the 2016 Local Government elections.

Last month the QT reported about 21 items of memorabilia were returned to the council's possession, to be recorded and stored.

There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by Mr Attwood, who did not respond to a request for comment.

The QT understands the Crime and Corruption Commission is investigating the acquisition of the items, purchased at charity auctions during Mr Attwood's time as a councillor.

A spokesman for the CCC declined to comment on details of its investigation.

An Ipswich City Council spokesman said it would not be appropriate to comment about "any items of memorabilia that may become subject to investigations by the CCC".

"The QT would be aware that the CCC has been conducting investigations in relation to items of memorabilia acquired by some councillors in the course of their duties," the spokesman said.

Mr Attwood, who revealed he would support Andrew Antoniolli in last year's mayoral race, has kept a low profile since leaving office.

He remains a director of Rugby League Ipswich, Regional Development Australia Ipswich and West Moreton committee member and deputy chair of Healthy Waterways and Catchments.

The acquisition of memorabilia by councillors has been questioned since the CCC swooped on about one dozen items held by Cr Antoniolli and stored at his old division seven office.

In early April the council's officers scrambled to audit and record items acquired by Cr Antoniolli, purchased over several years prior to his election as mayor.

In May Cr Antoniolli was charged with seven counts of fraud after an investigation.

Cr Antoniolli has declared he will fight the charges.