RAIL PLAN: "Active transport is a very sound investment”. Patrick Woods

Cautious backing for Greens policies

THERE were some interesting public transport policies released by the Greens this week under the title Better, cheaper public transport.

We believe there is a need to further correct the failed five-year fare path effects.

This can be achieved by freezing public transport fares for the next two years (2018 and 2019).

This will then align fare costs appropriately in our opinion.

The Greens are certainly on the money with their policy for more high frequency buses and a reorganisation of the bus network.

The failed bus network reform in 2013 has left an ongoing legacy of a failed bus network, with poor feeder bus support, poor suburban connectors and poor span of operation.

The good thing about the "Brisbane Metro bi-articulated bus system" is that it will drive bus network reform as we move to a trunk and feeder model on the busways, and provide the opportunity for more buses in the suburbs improving frequency, coverage and local feeder networks.

We support the need for more green bridges.

We support more safe and separated bicycle lanes.

Active transport is a very sound investment.

Although we don't agree with all the specifics of the policies announced by the Greens, we most certainly welcome the focus on improving public transport.

Something all parties and independents need to think about and subsequently act in the broader community interest.


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