HOT TEMPER: Justin Saebar used his ute to ram a small Suzuki car ten times - an Ipswich court heard.
HOT TEMPER: Justin Saebar used his ute to ram a small Suzuki car ten times - an Ipswich court heard. Ross Irby

Car rammed 10 times in horrific and 'bizarre' incident

A TEMPER tantrum led an Ipswich man to use his ute to ram a small Suzuki car up to 10 times, wrecking his own ute.

The case before an Ipswich court heard that the driver Justin Saebar reversed his ute back 50 metres then accelerated forward into a woman's parked car. She was not inside.

The irritated driver Justin James Saebar, 42, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle at Camira on September 23; driving unlicensed when disqualified by court order; and doing wilful damage - a domestic violence offence.

Police prosecutor Michael Lee said the level of violence was concerning.

He said the impact jolted the car backwards.

"He did it 10 times into the car. It pushed the car 10 metres and into another parked vehicle," Mr Lee said.

"His vehicle was immobilised because of the extent of damage.

"Police arrived and his registration plates were found in the passenger side footwell of his motor vehicle."

Police received a damage quote of $3326.40 for the woman's car. Mr Lee said there had been a male co-accused with him, his brother, and police sought Saebar pay half the compensation.

"He clearly meant to terrify her by ramming her vehicle. To the point that it struck another motor vehicle and rendering his inoperable."

Police sought a jail term of 12 months for the charges, Mr Lee saying Saebar had exposed himself to serving actual jail time.

Defence lawyer Amy Zanders said Saebar's problems began with a robbery of his mechanic's workshop in January where tools, equipment and customer's cars were stolen.

He had been a mechanic for 18 years and his business subsequently failed and this had caused him stress and anxiety.

"He instructs that one day he will open a mechanical workshop again," Ms Zanders said.

"It was an unusual situation. It is quite relevant to the proceedings there was CCTV footage.

"Whilst he continued to his dangerous operation offence where he hit her car multiple times there were unidentified people throwing bricks at him which he says caused him to jolt the vehicle back and forwards."

Magistrate Kurt Fowler said this was done 10 times.

"Is it his position that people were waiting with axes for him, or perhaps he turned up there not welcome?" queried Mr Fowler.

"He had turned up. Not known that she would be there," Ms Zanders said.

Ms Zanders sought that any jail term be suspended.

"I consider his conduct deliberate and protracted and designed to intimidate a person who was inside the house.

"It was absolutely bizarre behaviour."

He sentenced Saebar to nine months jail, immediately suspended for 18 months and placed him on a supervised 18-month probation order.

His licence was disqualified two years and four months, with Saebar ordered to pay $1663.20 as compensation.