CRUSHED: Imbil police report a driver's lucky escape when he hit a 700kg bull, which rolled onto his car and crushed it around him.
CRUSHED: Imbil police report a driver's lucky escape when he hit a 700kg bull, which rolled onto his car and crushed it around him. Contributed

Second car and cow crash in Mary Valley

UPDATE 8am Friday  A SECOND crash involving a car and a cow ended in another lucky escape for five people on a Mary Valley road last night.

The group, that included an infant, were travelling on Kenilworth Skyring Creek Rd at Tuchekoi when their car hit a cow about 7.30pm, a Queensland Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said.

The five people were assessed at the scene, but there were no necessary transports to hospital, a Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said.  

It was the second crash involving livestock in the Mary Valley region yesterday, when a man was injured when a 700kg bull flattened a car at Imbil early yesterday morning.   

The bull had a to be euthanised at the scene yesterday morning, but it is unknown if the cow hit last night was injured in the crash.   

UPDATE Thursday 5pm:

IMBIL police report a lucky escape for a driver whose car collided with a 700kg bull on Kandanga Imbil Rd early Thursday morning.

The bull had to be euthanised at the scene and the car was written off as a result of the impact, Senior Constable Bill Greer said yesterday.

It was clear from the damage and police assessment of the vehicle that any front seat passenger would have been killed or at least seriously injured.

The crash occurred at about 5am.

"The driver was travelling northbound, on his way to work, when he collided with a large bull in the middle of the road," Sne Cnst Greer said.

"The bull rolled up and over the vehicle, causing considerable damage.

"The vehicle was towed from the scene and the bull received significant injuries and was euthanised at the scene.

"The single occupant and driver received non-serious injuries and was transported to Gympie Hospital.

"The driver was extremely lucky, as the beast rolled over the passenger side of the vehicle.

"It is likely that if there was a passenger in the vehicle at the time, they would have received significant injuries," Snr Cnst Greer said.


A MAN has been taken to hospital after his car crashed into a cow near Imbil this morning.

Queensland Ambulance Service media reported the crash had occurred on Kandanga Imbil Road, two kilmometres before Imbil, at approximately 5:03am.

The man, aged in his 50s, reportedly sustained injuries to his neck and shoulder and was transported to Gympie Hospital in a stable condition.

QAS could not provide any information relating to the condition of the cow.