STOPPING THE RUN: The Cutters had a strength-in-numbers plan to halt Dave Taylor.
STOPPING THE RUN: The Cutters had a strength-in-numbers plan to halt Dave Taylor. Daniel McKenzie

Capras want answers on Taylor calls

Rugby league: Central Queensland Capras coach Kim Williams has vowed to seek clarification after former Origin star Dave Taylor was subjected to what he believed was unfair "targeting” by officials at BB Print Stadium on Saturday night.

Taylor, who arrived into this season's Intrust Super Cup to much fanfare after signing with the Capras, was repeatedly targeted by Cutters players in a ploy to get under the skin of the man dubbed "coal train”.

But Williams said his power forward was unfairly treated by referees in the Capras 18-16 loss.

"He obviously got frustrated out there... we're a little bit concerned that at times there seems to be two sets of rules,” he said.

"I think the (referees) last week and this week have called him out on a few things where you think, 'well, we probably deserved a penalty when he had that carry', but they seemed to give a little bit of leeway to the opposition when he's got the ball.

"I'll have something to say about that, it's a little bit of premeditated bias for whatever reason.

"He's a big dominant character, he attracts attention and I think the (referees) need to learn how to ref that fairly and properly and I'm not convinced that's happening.”

While expecting Taylor to be targeted by opposition players, Williams said he expected "fair game” on both sides of the whistle.

"I'm keen to have a look at the video, because there's a few penalties going against him (Taylor),” he said.

"Some of them are definitely justified, but I think he's deserved a few penalties that we haven't been given.

"I think that's an issue that I'm concerned about and will take up with the appropriate people.”

Admitting there was justifiable penalties called against Taylor, Williams said his side was its "own worst enemy” across the park for putting itself in a position to draw penalties.

"Any time we had them under pressure, there was a penalty found... whether they were legitimate penal- ties or not is debatable... but we shouldn't put ourselves in that position,” he said.

"It's a referee that you just can't give half a chance to find a penalty against you, because he's obviously very keen to do that.

"We're our own worst enemy in that respect, so that's a game we should never have lost.”

Queensland Rugby League was unable to comment and said all games would be reviewed today.