BRINGING up Ubers in front of a Stefanovic on live TV was always going to make for an awkward moment.

That's exactly how it went this morning on the Today show, when radio host Neil Mitchell appeared on Nine's breakfast program for the daily news chat segment and poked fun at the infamous Ubergate scandal involving Karl and Peter Stefanovic.

Earlier this year, the brothers were forced to publicly apologise to their co-workers and Nine bosses after Peter's Uber driver overheard their private phone call and sold the story to a tabloid magazine.

This morning, Neil and Karl were discussing UberPool, a new service designed to help co-workers commute to work together, when the Today host declared it would never work because people would "end up killing each other."

"They will - just imagine you after a quiet lunch," Neil began, before Karl quickly jumped in: "Don't imagine too much."

"And in an Uber with six other people, chatting happily - you couldn't make phone calls … You couldn't ring your brother and have a chat," the 3AW host deadpanned.

"Exactly. Nothing. Can't be trusted," Karl responded, adding that he also didn't want to cram in to one car with all his colleagues - a sore point, given reports of behind-the-scenes tension.

"There's no way I want to go in a little car with six other people that you work with … Imagine that. I'd go with Dickie, that's it."

Karl reportedly criticised his co-host during the infamous Uber call. Picture: Today/Channel 9
Karl reportedly criticised his co-host during the infamous Uber call. Picture: Today/Channel 9

The private phone call in March was reportedly heard by an Uber driver while Peter and his wife, Today newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys, were in the back of his car late at night, speaking to his brother and fellow Nine Network celebrity Karl on speakerphone.

According to the driver, Karl vented his frustration at new Today co-host Gardner, who he accused of "sitting on the fence" and not having enough opinions. The driver told New Idea magazine that Karl became angry as he declared that she needed to "step up" if she "wanted to stay on the show."

Within the article, it was also claimed that Karl complained that entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins was monopolising that space, and "kept all the entertainment contacts close to his chest."

During the trip, Peter complained at length that he "hated his job" and would often express his frustrations to Jeffreys, claimed the driver. He also reportedly told Karl it was "sucking the life out of him."