Independent candidate for Blair Simone Karandrews.
Independent candidate for Blair Simone Karandrews. Cordell Richardson

Candidate fights council, reports missing and defaced signs

THE triennial pastime of stealing and defacing candidates' election posters is in full swing, with at least one Ipswich challenger battling two councils to have her corflutes displayed.

Independent candidate for Blair Simone Karandrews has carpet-bombed Mount Crosby Rd with election signage.

She has chosen to put most of her signs in the Brisbane City Council area because of lower costs.

Unlike Brisbane, Ipswich charges candidates a $650 permit bond to display election signs.

"The bond has been in place as a means of encouraging candidates to ensure that they remove their elections signs after a poll has been conducted," a council spokesman said.

Ms Karandrews said in Ipswich she had to provide addresses on where signs should go.

"If they are at a property which is not part of the permit they will fine you," she said.

"That was one reason I didn't put them up in Ipswich.

"I have also been warned by other people of the funny shenanigans which go on with election signage."

Ms Karandrews has already had problems with her signs put up in Brisbane.

"I did have some placed in a location where there was some other community signage and someone had made a complaint about those so they have been removed," she said.

"Someone in the interim has also complained about my signs being on a state-controlled road."

She said further complaints led Brisbane City Council's Rapid Response Team to get involved.

Ms Karandrews said some of her signs had been defaced and moved.

"It makes it very difficult to comply and it makes it difficult to get your name out there," she said.

A spokesman for Ipswich City Council said not no infringement notices had been issued in relation to election signs.

He said the bond requirement, as well as others concerning election signage, was being reviewed.