Behaviour on social media should influence your vote

HOW elections have changed, thanks to social media.

It's not for the best either.

We now have a forum for candidates and their supporters to constantly throw barbs at each other.

It would be great to see the likes of Facebook used by candidates to spread their message and engage in constructive debate.

It should be a place candidates can test the feelings, needs and wants of the community and allow them to understand what they need to do should they be voted in.

Unfortunately, for some, this is not the case.

Name calling and petty squabbles are starting to appear and frankly, it's disappointing.

We, as voters, have to ask ourselves if that's what this city needs to move forward - people who use technology to bag out their competition.

For those candidates who are conducting their campaigns with dignity and using social media appropriately, good on you.

It shows a level maturity required in modern times when it isn't always easy to campaign in social media land.

If you have sound credentials, understand the role of a councillor and are doing the hard yakka, there's no reason you need to engage in such rubbish.