The Ipswich/Logan Hornets were denied a shot at grand final glory due to the coronavirus. Picture: Rob Williams
The Ipswich/Logan Hornets were denied a shot at grand final glory due to the coronavirus. Picture: Rob Williams

Cancellation chaos creates boredom, frustration


SPORT as we know in 2020 has been thrown into chaos with the coronavirus dismantling nearly ever code in this country.

Big codes have suffered with cancellations and this has filtered down to grassroots sports in Ipswich.

While a host of sports were about to start or had just started, they now are in a holding pattern with no guaranteed date of resumption.

You must feel for some sports who were about to move into grand finals, especially our top cricket team the Ipswich Logan Hornets.

They have battled all year in the major Brisbane competition to reach the final, only for it to be abandoned and handed to their opposition.

It's a huge kick in the guts to all involved with the Hornets.

Softball also have suffered with this weekend's grand finals cancelled.

Rugby League Ipswich competitions were due to start this weekend but have been put on hold to at least early May. That means thousands of juniors, who were itching to put on their new boots and insert their mouth guards, will now have to wait an extended period to do so.

The same will apply to thousands of junior netballers who won't be seen running around on a Saturday morning at the Limestone Park courts.

Local soccer teams have been playing for a few weeks but their momentum will now be stopped with a start date unknown.

The Jets finally got to run onto the paddock last week but now will have to wait over two months to do it all again.

The boredom and the frustration will have set in for the players but it also has hit hard to a lot of supporters who rely on their sporting teams to give them an outlet from their working week.

The only winners from this will be Foxtel, Kayo, Netflix and Stan.

I suppose I can watch replays of the mighty Eels premierships somewhere.

Amazing decision

HOW could this happen?

Tom Brady, one of the greatest NFL players, is leaving the Patriots after 20 years of outstanding service.

He is off to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let's sit back and admire some of his super achievements.

Brady, after his rookie year in 2000, has gone on to set a mountain of records that may never be broken. He has played in a record nine Superbowls, has won a record four MVP's on this big day has been crowned passing touchdown leader, passing yards leader and offensive player of the year to only name a few.

The awards have also followed with Brady being named in the NFL 100th Anniversary All Time Team and the NFL 2000's Team of the Decade, just a few of the numerous accolades bestowed on this champion.

Brady will find things different at the Bucs, a team that hasn't made the play off since 2007. However if anyone is going to pick them up and take them all the way, Brady will be the man.

Reports have the deal at 50 million so he won't be taking a pay cut.

Quick thoughts

HEROES: 1. AFL - I'm glad they started their season last night. The ratings for AFL and NRL will go through the roof.

Villains: 1. Coronavirus has caused massive disruption to all sporting codes, so please go away as soon as you can. Millions and millions of people would be grateful.

2. Captain's Challenge. I liked it at first but now I have seen it used in a live game I hope the NRL get rid of it swiftly. It only slowed the game down.

Sporting birthdays: 1. 1963 - Charles Barkley (champion American basketballer who was an 11 time All Star).

2. 1994 - Brigid Kosgei (Kenyan marathon runner who broke the world record in 2019).

On this day: 1. 1969 - Champion Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila is paralysed after being involved in a car accident.

2. 1988 - Mike Tyson knocks out Tony Tubbs in Round 2 to retain his heavyweight title.

3. 1990 - The LA Lakers retire jersey no #33 belonging to Kareem Adbul-Jabbar.

Bomber's best: Last week I tipped the Raiders, Rabbits and Knights to all win their

opening games and they all saluted.

This week I have found three AFL winners: the Bombers, Power and Saints.