Canadian uranium miners strike gold

A CANADIAN mining firm exploring for uranium has found itself holding an apparent river of gold.

Laramide Resources knew there was gold near its uranium deposit, just not how much.

Now it appears it could be more than just a few specks of dust.

Vice-president exploration Peter Mullens said if more was found, Laramide might consider expanding its Westmoreland uranium mine to include a gold mine.

"Most of the drilling we have doesn't have gold in it, but it all has uranium," he said.

"There is a possibility we may enhance the gold side of it.

"If we find a substantial resource and commercially-available quantities, it would be a lot more interesting."

As it prospects for gold, Laramide plans to work through its environmental approvals for its uranium operations within two years before deciding if it will develop.

If built, the mine would truck uranium to train lines in Northern Territory where it would be moved to ports in either Darwin or Adelaide.

The future of the project grew more likely after a significant policy change from the LNP Government last year backed uranium mining in Queensland.