Can you spot what's wrong with these images?

IS this really just a picture of six friends in bikinis spending a day out at the beach?

The image spotted by the Mail Online has gone viral for a hilarious reason, but can you tell what it is?

The Instagram photo looks like six young women posing for a photo.


See how long it takes you to work out how it's been tampered with.

Someone's photoshopped the face of the man in the background onto the young women's faces.

Plenty of Instagram users said they were stumped by the so-obvious-it's-easy-to-miss change.

There's also something wrong with this image of three women taking a break at a park. 


The photo has recently resurfaced online to sow confusion among internet users.

On close inspection, it appears the trio are sitting on thin air.

This photo of a duvet went viral recently with most not realising it's an optical illusion. 


The image, posted by user Idon'tevenknowwhat'sgoingon, has been seen more than 63,500 times, with many trying to work out what the red circle signifies.