Can-do quashes mining plans

PREMIER Campbell Newman has staunchly declared there will be no mining in the Felton Valley under an LNP Government.

In a letter to former Friends of Felton president Rob McCreath, the Premier made it clear that no mining company would be allowed to conduct business in the valley despite Ambre Energy's recent attempts to resurrect plans to develop a coal mine and a petrochemical plant.

Mr Newman was quick to quash the mining company's plans and attempt to put the community at ease.

"The Queensland Government does not and will not support open cut coal mining in the Felton Valley," he said.

"To be absolutely clear, no company, whatever it chooses to call itself, has a right to develop a mining operation in the Felton Valley, and companies will not be able to secure such a right under the government."

Mr Newman said companies which had already acted on exploration permits in the Felton Valley would not be allowed to carry out any further activity.

"While the former government issued permits to undertake exploration activities in the area, it should be understood that a lawful right to explore is the extent of the current entitlement," he said.