FILMING and production for the US television series Camp will wrap up next week.

Producer Brett Popplewell said recent filming at Tyalgum's general store heralded the end of the series filming and production, which was centred in Murwillumbah.

"We've kind of established that little store as 'our' general store," he said.

"The locations we've had have been spectacular though.

"It looks good, but it'll look even better on screen."

Mr Popplewell said the Camp crew and cast would miss the region once they packed up, with the final episode the focus of their current efforts.

"I've been here since's been a new home for us," he said.

"Personally I love the area, I think it's fantastic.

"If we do another series I'll be happy to come back."

Currently the TV series is the subject of an advertising campaign in the US, with anticipation for its launch building.

"Obviously it's starting to be advertised around the US at the moment and the excitement's building," he said.

"We're sort of nervous how people will take it."

Mr Popplewell may be getting slightly anxious to see his effort eventuate into flourishing ratings, but he's confident the series will not struggle to see success, listing some positive attributes.

"The first is that it's a drama comedy, or a 'dramedy' as they call it," he said.

"I also think that it will reach a couple of generations, the teenagers and the adults, it covers a few different age groups."

"People have got to fall in love with the characters in the show."

Mr Popplewell extended a sincere thanks to Tweed Shire Council and the Tweed community for strong support during the filming process.

"We do seriously have to thank the people, we've had a lot of support here from the general public and the Tweed Council," he said.

"We used a lot of the local commercial venues and everyone's been fantastic."

Camp will go to air in the US mid July.